Friday, November 15, 2013

Ice-Watch Photo Shoots in SPEAK Magazine (Jakarta Post Group)

SPEAK Indonesia magazines photoshoots with ICE Watches brand

Macindo Swadesi work with over 30 nationwide magazine and printing media in Indonesia to promote products that we distribute in Indonesia, these include press release, photo shoots, advertisements, product reviews, games and product giveaways.

Monday, November 11, 2013

High End Teen Magazine Photo Shoot with Ice-Watch

Ice-Watch photo shoot in High End Teen Magazine November edition.

Our product team will work with fashion and phototgrapher team to make sure of great product presentation coverage. Ice-Watch distributed by PT. Macindo Swadesi

Friday, July 19, 2013

Hydration Product Exhibiton at Jakarta Fair 2013

Macindo hydration division participated in Jakarta fair 2013 (June/July). "Our goal is to reach out retailers for our premium brands nationwide in Indonesia, retailers like to work with us because we are one stop supplier for all their hydration products" ~ said Santoso/Macindo

Macindo distributed Nalgene, Polar Bottle, Kor Water Bottle, Sigg, Nike, La Gourmet, Meyer products in Indonesia. /

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Expanding Hydration Product Retailers Network Via Trade Show - PT. Macindo Swadesi

INASPORT 2013 NEWS: Tradeshow for bicycle, golf and fun

PT. Macindo Swadesi (Hydration Division) participating at Indonesia Bicycle and Sport trade show in Jakarta Convention Center 2013. "With over 830 point of sales nationwide, our products are available in many places, but we would like to add more retailers outside Jakarta and Jabodetabek area, there are many retailers that we have not reached" ~ said Santoso Suratso. Macindo is exclusive distributor for Nalgene, Polar Bottle, Kor Water, Sigg, La Gourmet and many more including Nike hydration and Meyer products.

 For this 4 days event, we distribute over 5000 of brochures and make contacts with thousands of buyers and potential retailers.
 Macindo small booth always crowded from morning to evening at all days, always! We give promotions to walk in customers to promote using quality water bottle for their hydration and to care for green environtment.

macindo sponsors various events (bicycle) for the following brands - macindo, sigg, nalgene, kor, polar bottle

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Innovative Corporate Sales Program for Indonesia

With the Green awareness in town, offers new program for big corporation in Indonesia to put their logo on high quality hydration bottles. "Promoting your company brand to your staffs is just as important as to external parties, everybody drink and to offer your staffs special pricing on high quality hydration bottles is a good way to show that you care" ~ said Santoso S. Managing Director of Macindo.

Macindo offers special bulk pricing discount as B2B (business to business) program. Contact

Everyone is motivated to care more for their health and their environment, to use hydration reusable bottle is one very effective way to take action in your daily life. Reduce disposable one time use water bottles.